Bill Pay

Charter Spectrum enables its customers to pay their bills through multiple platforms, such as websites, stores, or mobile applications. Panorama Charter have a My Spectrum app that allows users to pay charter bills online, troubleshoot network issues, and use other features. Billing for charter communication services begins the day the user activates the first line of service.


Alternatively, it can start on the seventh day after the deposit. It is considered the first of the two. The billing period ends at the end of the 30th day; the monthly invoice payment is made after 20 days. If the consumer adds a new service line or purchases a new device during this period, the gross and net charges will be added in the next billing cycle.

How to Pay Charter Bills on My spectrum app?

Customers who have spectrum cable, internet, or voice services to pay their bills online. Here is the process:

  • Download My spectrum app on Android or iOS.
  • Once you download and install the app, you need to log in.
  • If you are new to charter spectrum, then you need to create a username.
  • Select the “create a username” option.
  • Select “account info” from the list.
  • Then enter your Account Number and Security Code from the bill.
  • Now you will receive a code from spectrum on your email, text, or as a phone call (whichever source users choose).
  • Enter the code to confirm your identity.
  • Now create your username and password.
  • After that, log in to the My spectrum app with your username and password.
  • Now select the “billing” option in the app.
  • Choose to make payment.
  • Now enter your payment detail and follow the instruction to complete charter bill pay.

Users can pay their bill via mailing address too. They can find the billing address on their bill statements. Put the check inside an envelope along with a copy of your spectrum statement. Be sure to write down your spectrum account number on the check and do not send cash in the envelope.